A Team Fortess 2 tournament

31 January - 2 February, 2020

What is LANsilesia?

LANsilesia is an event for competitive Team Fortress 2 players. The main goal for the event is the integration of the Polish competitive scene as well as having tons of fun playing your favourite game mode (6v6 or 9v9 - also known as highlander), MGE tourney (a.k.a. MGEsilesia) and meeting your in-game friends in real life.

The entry for the event is FREE. The event is funelled to adult gamers. However, under-aged players can attend it, provided they are taken care of by an adult person.

It is fourth edition of the event. It takes place in Hackerspace Silesia, which is located in Załęże area in Katowice. It is happening on 31 January - 2 February, 2020.

The event itself has summer and winter editions, summer ones usually being longer and consisting of the MGEsilesia tourney. On the other hand, winter editions focus more on double mixes.

Double mixes? MGEsilesia? What is going on here?

Double mixes are the most popular gameplay format in Polish competitive community. A mix lets you play a match with random players in your team against the other team. In a double mix, however, the captain of each team chooses its players from the pool of twelve gamers. Captains are the last two players who lost the "last to spec" race. The first pick privilege is being decided by melee fight between them.

For a 6v6 double mix 12 players are needed. Respectively, for a 9v9 double mix we need 18 gamers.

In case of the 6v6 format captains choose one gamer in turns and classes are decided after both teams are full. When it comes to highlander, captain starting the draft chooses the first or the last class in the class list (that being either scout or spy). Then, in turns, each captain chooses two players who take the next two slots from the class list.

After the teams are being filled up, the voice chat rooms are disconnected, so that teams cannot hear each other, and then the match starts.

The MGEsilesia tourney aims at determining the best Polish TF2 MGE player. Soldier, being the most popular class in MGE, is the only allowed class in this tourney. MGE stands for my gaming edge, which means the sole factor in the gameplay is the player's technical skill. During the tourney players fight each other on the special map with a handful of areas, representing the most popular maps. For the winner of the tourney a prize is to be anticipated.

What's Hackerspace Silesia?

Hackerspace Silesia is a place that gathers technologically skillful people from the Upper Silesia. Our current staff consists of web-developers, programmers, sys- and dev-ops, IoT builders, electricians and many other people who choose not only to self-develop but also to share their knowledge. We organise hackatons, DIY enthusiasts workshops and show up on displays.

What did it look like? What is it going to look like?

Here you can find a couple of photos from the previous tournaments:


All points of interest can be found on this map. Access options include getting here by tram, train and - most preferably - car.


The nearest and most accessible option is to sleep at the Klimczoka 6 Hotel. The cheapest option is to get 6 people room - it is 216 PLN per night, which makes 36 PLN per night per person.

Should you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.


the head admin of the tournament
technical stuff
6v6 table keeper
6v6 table keeper
highlander table keeper
technical stuff

Contact us at [email protected].


Player: How much is the entry fee?
supra: It's free. Absolutely free. You arrive, come in, sit down and play.

Player: Katowice? Why so far away?
supra: It is all due to low financial requirements. They are almost as low as 0 PLN. The only cost is this of time put into it by my and the ones who help me (hey, it is a lot and I appreciate it!). We don't pay for the venue and Katowice is accessible by train from the majority of Poland.

supra: We'll see, nothing certain at this point.

Player: Are there any parkings nearby?
supra: Plenty of them.

Player: I only want to play 6v6/highlander. Can I?
supra: Sure, nobody is forced to play anything he does not want to.

Player: Can I buy a t-shirt?
supra: Sure enough! Take a look:

Place your orders at me.

Player: What about accomodation? Is there any place to sleep?
supra: Sure, take a look at the accomodation section above.

Player: Where do I sign up?
supra: You have to ask one of the administrators to put you on the list. Participant list can be found at

Player: I don't feel like playing or I can't bring my gaming rig with me. Can I drop in, watch some games and high five the participants?
supra: Sure! During previous editions there were a bunch of participants like you and as far as I know they had as much fun as the next gamer.
One thing, tho: in case of space limitations (with a lot of potential participants), gamers with PCs will have higher priority.